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Master Dato' Anthony Cheng

“Life has no coincidence,

only changes are permanent.”

As the saying goes, “Life is made out of 5 factors. The Life, The Fortune, The Feng Shui, The Morality and The Knowledge.” He always says that, for the Life, we can’t change it as it is part of us, but the Fortune is what we’re able to control with our faith.

The Feng Shui is what enhances life. His studies on Feng Shui and Numerology are not merely superstition. It is the exploration through the ancient wisdoms of the ancestors. In his mind, human are too tiny compared to the mighty universe, thus we shan’t deny those things that we didn’t know about yet. That’s the beauty of life.

The Morality is what he always encouraged. He believed in the cycle of positivity. As the community is corrupting and humanity is degrading, we need to put in more positivity to encourage people to change for a better future. This is why he is dedicated to charity. He initiated a donation drive to help over 1500 senior citizens and continuously joined forces with charity organizations to provide assistance to the needy.

The Knowledge means the information and the wisdom. He always reminds those by his side to continue upgrading themselves with knowledge and constantly be prepared, so that they can understand the trend and control the platform. He takes himself as a brand too, making his personal image and well-being as his key to success. You’ll gain what you sow, just depends on when you’ll get it.