- DAC (Dato’ Anthony Cheng 拿督郑博见).









The founder of Metagroup is a young famous entrepreneur from Malaysia - Dato' Anthony Cheng.Before starting his business, he was a branding creator and won numerous awards.


Today, he is an innovator and a marketing legend in Asia.

 He firmly believes that "creative" is the root of success.


He has transformed the business model of Nirvana group and became a long-running champion with sales of RM1 billion.


He also pioneered the latest trend in recycling crude oil, it leading the economic of environmental protection.

At the same time, he has studied oriental metaphysics for more than 15 years, covering the I Ching, Feng Shui, Bazi, Qimen, physiognomy, and many more oriental metaphysics; he also research on numerology, personality analysis, psychology, philosophy, Reiki studies and so on knowledge. Beside avoid superstition, it also included humanity discussion, scientific theory, market strategy, it is an excellent big step forward for metaphysics.

Today, he has gathered the energy crystals, trendy, education of metaphysics and etc to create a new indicator of Metagroup; and introducing and bring the Metaphysical Enterprise to enter the world of “Big Data” and “Artificial Intelligence”, this going to benefit of the whole world.